For Production Including Compounding, Milling, Weighing and Aseptic Testing

Bio/Pharmaceutical Flexible Film Isolators & Accessories

Durable Economical

You Should Consider the Cost Saving Advantages of Flexible Film Barrier and/or Containment Isolators for Bio/Pharmaceutical Production.

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Pharma Isolator with HEPA Inlet and Outlet

The example shown includes: two bag in bag out ports, internal water wash down spraying system, floor drain, gas-tight zipper, internal power outlets and tube ports for running material into and out of the isolator.

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The flexible film (softwall) chambers are completely enclosed. (This is not a laminar airflow design.)

Positive Pressure - Designed to provide a completely controlled production environment so chronic studies do not have to be started over due to contamination of control or test specimens.

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The flexible film (softwall) chambers are completely enclosed.

Negative Pressure - Designed to Protect Workers and Surrounding Environment.

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To Maintain a Controlled Environment

Transfer ports, bag-out ports, HEPA filters , gauges and emergency back-up supply.

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Consider single-use flexible film canopies to save time and avoid contamination.

20 mil vinyl or polyurethane canopies constructed using CBC's unique lap seam seal process.

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