Transfer Ports, Sterilizing Cylinders, HEPA Filters, Filter Media, Chemically Protective Suits and Gauges

Cleanroom & Containment Unit Accessories

Cleanroom & Containment Unit Accessories

CBC has designed and developed a variety of accessories and components to help maintain your cleanroom or containment unit.

Transfer Ports, Sterilizing Cylinders, HEPA Filters, Chemically Protective Suits, Gauges and Emergency Back-up Supply!

• 12" dia. x 24" long

• 18" dia. x 30" long

• Custom sizes available.

For sterilizing water, bedding, cages, etc... for gnotobiotic animal research.

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Save Material Save Time

DW4 filter media is precut to width to fit sterilizing cylinders and isolator filters.

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Standard size rolls for cutting your own size.

For isolator filters and sterilizing cylinders.

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• Square

• Round

HEPA filters for gnotobiotic isolators, cleanrooms and containment units.

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• Acrylic Transfer Ports

• Polypropylene Transfer Ports

• Stainless Steel Transfer Ports

• Stainless Steel (adapted for VHP systems).
12", 18", and 24" Diameters

The CBC Patent Clamp with a neoprene-gooved band allows for quick, secure attachment of transfer port caps and transfer sleeves without vinyl tape.

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7" - 8' long Custom Lengths

Used for Isolator to Isolator attachments and Sterilizing Cylinder to Isolator Connections.

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• Internal Cap without nipples

• External Cap with nipples

CBC Transfer Port Caps are available in standard diameters and various depths.

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Type-A Type-B

Tear-Aid® is made in the USA and provides an instant bond that holds air or water and is used to repair minor tears, holes or punctures.

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For Isolator Chamber Pressure

Gauges to monitor germ-free, gnotobiotic isolator chamber pressure.

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• Rubber Bands

• Silicone Bands

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• Vinyl Tape

• Mylar Tape

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• 1" Stoppers (Silicone/white, Neoprene/green)

• 2" Neoprene Stoppers

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• Effective in many environment

• 360 degrees visibility

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