Surgical, Small "Space Saver", Decontamination Chambers, "Gas Tight" Zipper and VHP Isolators

Specialty Isolators

CBC's unique production capabilities allow us to design and build specialized isolators systems that can meet your specific requirements and needs. At CBC we listen to you and will design and construct an isolator system that will be functional and last for years.

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CBC's "Space Saver" flexible film isolators are ideal for labs with limited space, for transporting animals within a lab, for sterilization testing, or as a quarantine isolator so researchers can avoid putting the health and well-being of their research animals in jeopardy when adding new animals to the colony.

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Decontaminate equipment used for gnotobiotic research.  For small items such as scales and microscopes.

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Isolators equipped with special gas tight zipper or gas tight ziplock presterilization entry doors. Pictured is a large poultry isolator with the whole side being a pre-sterilization ziplock entry door for inserting an assembled caging system. CBC also provides transfer ports designed for VHP and chlorine dioxide sterilization.

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Isolators equipped for Vapor Phase Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization. With VHP sterilization, isolators can be up and operating in hours instead of days.

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