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Protect Both Research and Researchers

Protect Both Research and Researchers

CBC manufactures gnotobiotic isolators, clean rooms and containment units that are all designed to protect both research and researchers.

From our lap-seam seal construction to the quality of our vinyl plastic, CBC understands the total impact of a poor quality isolator, containment unit or cleanroom.

  • The value and cost of germ-free/gnotobiotic mice.
  • The safety of researchers and technicians.
  • Corrupted research due to unnecessary contamination.
  • Contaminated pharmaceutical product.
  • Loss of valuable time.
  • The potential loss of reputation.

Quality Commitment

CBC's quality commitment starts with quality materials and includes both visual inspections of seams for obvious imperfections such as bubbles, opaqueness and ridges, along with spot "pull tests" and additional inspections along the manufacturing process.   Read More

A Step Beyond Our Competitors

Unlike the single seam seals used by competitors, CBC's use a highly durable "lap seam" seal for the majority of our seams, and an even superior "cut/weld/strip seam" seal for high risk areas to help ensure that our flexible film isolators, transfer sleeves, port caps, containment units and clean rooms will maintain their integrity.   Read More

CBC Products are Made in the United States

Class Biologically CLean, Ltd. (CBC) has been manufacturing high quality, flexible film isolators for universities, researchers and germ-free animal producers since 1978. Over the years, CBC has supplied flexible film isolators and cleanrooms to some of the world's top universities and research institutions such as, the University of North Carolina, the University of Chicago and St Jude Children's Research Hospital; and pharmaceutical companies such as, Boehringer Ingeleheim Vetmedica Inc, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. and Lyophilization Technology, Inc.

Because your reputation, research or production should not risk being compromised!
CBC builds high quality, germ-free isolators to protect both research and researchers. Keeping germs, viruses or microbes out (or in) for a completely controlled research environment.

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